About us.

Perfectionism freaks.

For a decade now, right here in the heart of Penang, Malaysia, we've been dedicated to honing our craft in Design & Development. Our passion lies in empowering ambitious founders and businesses like yours to achieve perfection. We believe that success is a collaborative journey – a team effort. Let's set our sights on reaching the pinnacle together!

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How we work?

Some of the proses that usually we use when we have a project with our client

Discussion with Us
Understand the client's business, goals, and challenges for building relationships.
Ideation & Brainstorm
Gather idea & create the first concept for the future product. Its crucial but still having fun!
Creating a Timeline
After we understand the brief and everything, we decided to give you an estimated timeline for the project
Start Designing
We start to visualize the design from our idea and brainstorming, based on our timeline
Feedback Loop!
You can give us a feedback or insight while we working on it, collaboration is a key!
Job Finish!
Finish everything and deliver the best thing for you and your company!
Fly High With Us
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